Access without subscription (flexible access) 18.00 RON/day of usage
Subscription based access for 1 user:    
6 months 540.00 RON
12 months 864.00 RON
extra-users 180.00 RON/extra-user
BursaTransport Credits
1 CRB = 6 RON
Access costs: unlimited number of postings/consultings of trucks, loads, contracts, access to all pages of BursaTransport
Flexible access, per day and user 3 18.00
Subscription based access, 1 user:
6 months (6M) 90 540.00
12 months (12M) 144 864.00
extra-user on subscription 30 180.00
Optional services:
Spotlighted announcement 2 12.00
Small ad 2 12.00
Contractual safety services:
Payment incident claim 12 72.00
Legal advice (RO or H) 14 84.00
Why BursaTransport as a supplementary freight exchange?    
  • because you will be part of a transport companies directory of more than 15.000 ACTUAL entries
  • for international transport with Romania and Balkans area: the loads and trucks are ACTUAL
  • because in Romania all the authorities have online databases: TRANSPARENCY AND SAFETY
  • 85% of our customer’s transport payment claims are solved in 8 days


Telephone number:



Diesel price

BursaTransport statistics

16.134 available loads
3.523 available trucks
21.495 loads in the last 24 hours
4.301 trucks in the last 24 hours
91 online users
20.683 active users

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