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Why BursaTransport as a supplementary freight exchange?    
  • because you will be part of a transport companies directory of more than 15.000 ACTUAL entries
  • for international transport with Romania and Balkans area: the loads and trucks are ACTUAL
  • because in Romania all the authorities have online databases: TRANSPARENCY AND SAFETY
  • 85% of our customer’s transport payment claims are solved in 8 days


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BursaTransport statistics

15.633 available loads
3.607 available trucks
29.748 loads in the last 24 hours
2.546 trucks in the last 24 hours
2.653 online users
20.897 active users

This page offers excerpts from legislative acts related to road transport as well as free legal advice.

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Titlu scurt: H.G. nr. 1860/2006
privind drepturile si obligatiile personalului autoritatilor si institutiilor publice pe perioada delegarii si detasarii in alta localitate, precum si in cazul deplasarii, in cadrul localitatii, in interesul serviciului

Ordinul Ministerului Transporturilor si Infrastructurii nr. 980/2011
pentru aprobarea Normelor metodologice privind aplicarea prevederilor referitoare la organizarea si efectuarea transporturilor rutiere si a activitatilor conexe acestora stabilite prin OG nr. 27/2011 privind transporturile rutiere

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